Urban Primary Health Care Project KCC-II (2006 – 2011) – LGED/ADB

It was a GoB-ADB project namely ‘Urban Primary Health Care Project-KCC-2’ at Khulna City Corporation from July 2006 to December 2011. The focused areas of the project were Health, Family Planning, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS. The project aims to establish rights of poor and vulnerable female as well as children through clinical service and health educate. The total beneficiaries targeted around 350,000 populations in Khulna city. The project has contributed to make people well aware on reproductive health through conducting awareness session, training and organizing social mobilization activities. The target beneficiaries are mainly female and adolescent girls. The project also provides medical support to all means male, female, adolescent and children. This was implementing jointly with the Khulna City Corporation. Local elected bodies were involved with the planning and implementation process and cooperating project staffs for achieving its goal and objectives. Total 18 qualified Doctors with 42 Paramedics were provided all kind of clinical, pathological and operational services to the people including safe delivery of pregnant mothers. Marginalized and hard core poor people received free services under the project, which was 30% of the entire populations.